Design/ Branding

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AFR Insert / editorial
Social Media posts

BAE Systems commissioned PPR to publish an Australian Financial Review insert that delved into the complexities of national defence spending as well as communicating the leadership and industrial collaboration that BAE Systems prides itself on. The insert required a focused and dynamic layout that highlighted these qualities.



Reports/ editorial

VCI's 60 page industry report compiling data gained from interviews and surveys conducted with more than 800 C-level executives. With an emphasis on readability, the design conveys VCI's research leadership in the areas of industry innovation and strategy.


Personal Care

Brand mark
Design language
Business Cards

La Lumière produces a range of natural body care products made from locally sourced Australian plant oils and botanicals. It's emphasis is on avoiding palm oil, parabens, detergents and animal testing, while also being biodegradable and vegan-friendly.  It's gentle constitution makes the range ideal for babies, pets and individuals with sensitive skin.  


Cafe Bakery

Brand mark
Design Language
Business Cards


The young founders of Baker et Chef are establishing a cafe that serves its own hand-made Entremet - a contemporary form of dessert that is served or packaged in small, attractive portions, combining exquisite craftsmanship with fresh, complex flavours.  


Fintech Consultancy

design language
business cards

Xplus is a consultancy operating in the field of Financial Planning and Wealth Management, that empowers Advisers and Small-to-Medium sized Practices to get the most out of the Xplan system.


Food Outlet

Content planning/Development
menus & SIGNAGE
Social Media presence

Goi philosophy and strategy was built around presenting exotic Vietnamese cuisine in its most authentic and home-made form, with an emphasis on  nutritional value and vegan options. Content planning and development was built around telling an engaging and informative story.


Aerial Imaging

Design Language
Exhibition Materials

Spookfish is a leading provider of aerial imagery and its associated technologies, for use by a range of clients, particularly government departments and large corporations. The design of their branding and exhibition materials were key in building interest in the brand.



Brand Identity
Client manuals

A provider of corporate renewable energy, Next Power required a corporate identity which embodied emerging technologies while expressing its capabilities, experience and integrity. 


Gourmet Butcher

Brand Identity
interior graphics

Gourmet butcher Rare Fusion champions the best in local produce and culturally diverse flavours. The brand needed to communicate this intersection of the vivid and the tactile, the expressive and refined.


Commercial Glass 

Printed glass

Cooling Brothers Glass required a clear and concise design system through out its visual branding. This role also involved photography and production work for our printed glass projects shown here.


Solar PV Systems

Brand messaging
sales materials
Print Advertising
Exhibition materials
Content writing


With a market overflowing with new competitors, UNLTD Solar’s strength was in its great sales and service staff, as well its commitment to quality. Our goal was to emphasise the brand’s long standing reputation. 

UNLTD Solar Identity created by Kudos Creative.


NGO Programs

content writing

The women of Shelano in India, source recycled fabrics and repurpose them into blankets, clothes and bags in a social enterprise run by-and-for the women themselves. I assisted in developing a website which provided insight into the NGO-established program and how it has lifted families from the struggle of poverty.

Also included above are some photographs from my time at Tiljala primary school, which propels underprivileged children into greater opportunities through scholarships at reputable private colleges.


Perth Train Station Refurbishment

design on Printed Glass

As part of the recent refurbishment of the Public Transport Authority’s head office,  a sequence of interior graphics were designed to enhance meeting spaces and provide a narrative of Perth city's growth over the past 150 years.  A pleasing interplay between privacy and visibility was developed for the glass panels, using the unique technology at Cooling Brothers Glass Company.