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editorial design
Art Direction

The State of Play platform run by global consultancy VCI, provides research and insights into global and regional innovation, and uses those insights to help businesses operating in capital-intensive industries to chart out long term growth. The 2018 Report compiles insights and data gained from interviews with C-level executives across Australia’s primary industries. Its design communicates leadership and insight, reinforced by considered use of visual signposting and infographics.


Cafe Bakery

Brand mark
art direction
Website & Social
signage / interior



Baker et Chef is newly opened store established by Master Baker Ailin Gay and Chef Han Chen Koon. The brand language draws upon notions of invention, technique, and sophistication, while conveying its connection to Traditional Breadmaking and surpising culinary delights.



editorial Design
Art Direction
Social Media content

PPR worked with British defence technology company BAE Systems in its bid to design Australia's next warship. We develop a mini-magazine to feature in the Australian Financial Review to provide insight around the company's understanding of defence, and the technologies and partnerships involved. The art direction draws upon notions of intelligence, strategy and process. Our work contributed to BAE Systems winning the major contract against some strong international contenders. The design and development of the ship will generate thousands jobs for Australian workers.


Personal Care

Brand mark
art direction

La Lumiere is a personal care brand utilising gentle, Australian-sourced botanicals. Its hand made soaps are ideal for babies, pets and sensitive skin. The brand language channels a calm tonal quality, and draws upon notions of Australia, earthiness, sophistication, and gentleness.



editorial design
Art Direction

The State of Play platform run by global consultancy VCI, provides research and insights into global and regional innovation, and uses those insights to help businesses in capital-intensive industries to chart out long term growth. The 2017 Report compiles data gained from interviews and survey’s conducted with more than 800 C-level mining executives. It’s use of clear signposting and customised infographics is intended to enhance legibility and retention.


Fintech Consultancy

art direction

Xplus is a consultancy operating in the field of Financial Planning and Wealth Management, that empowers Advisers and Small-to-Medium sized Practices to get the most out of the Xplan system.


Food Outlet

Content planning
Art direction
menus & SIGNAGE
Social Media presence

Vietnamese takeaway concept Goi developed a loyal following for its emphasis on authentic house-made cooking, such as slow cooked meats, bone broths and fresh produce. Capitalising on a surging interest in complex flavours and healthier alternatives to fast food, the brand’s tonal quality carries nuances of sophistication, tradition, and the exotic.


Aerial Imaging

Design Language
Exhibition Materials

Spookfish is a leading provider of aerial imagery and its associated technologies, for use by a range of clients, particularly government departments and large corporations. The design of their branding and exhibition materials were key in building interest in the brand.


Renewable Energy

Brand Identity
Client manuals

A provider of corporate renewable energy, Next Power required a corporate identity which embodied emerging technologies while expressing its capabilities, experience and integrity. 


Commercial Glass 

Printed glass

Architectural glass company Cooling Brothers has a long history of providing planning and technical  expertise on complex construction projects that involve glass. Marketed to a national audience, the brand language channels a contemporary tonal quality, and draws upon notions of creativity, reliability, and refinement.


Solar PV Systems

Brand messaging
sales materials
Print Advertising
Exhibition materials
Content writing


Solar power system company UNLTD Solar’s was reputable brand in the renewable energy industry with a long list of commercial clients and strong industry connections. Marketed to a national audience that consisted of residential home owners, businesses and government agencies, uniquely crafted content and initiatives were blended with visual design to engage each audience.
The brand’s key goal was to be relatable, trustworthy and insightful.

UNLTD Solar Identity created by Kudos Creative.


Perth Train Station Refurbishment

design on Printed Glass

As part of the recent refurbishment of the Public Transport Authority’s head office,  a sequence of interior graphics were designed to enhance meeting spaces and provide a narrative of Perth city's growth over the past 150 years.  A pleasing interplay between privacy and visibility was developed for the glass panels, using the unique technology at Cooling Brothers Glass Company.