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Lumo Lab helps address barriers to customer engagement, u specific business levers to enhance customer perceptions.

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The Language of Trust

Why Authenticity Matters

Authenticity is a commitment to openness and integrity, and the act of building alignment between a brands internal and external persona.


We want the language of your brand to build trust with your audience.

Websites, social media and emails offer a platform for building trust over time via an ongoing dialog.

Design Thinking offers a toolset for exploring how audiences may respond to various platforms and content. Quick content ideation, iteration and testing offer deep insights into what is meaningful to your customer and what platforms they might prefer.

Our approach to Brand Storytelling ensures the tone and content are delivered in a compelling, natural and unforced way.

Photo of the project

As a premium cafe-bakery concept Baker et Chef wanted to share its passion and craftmanship without coming across as pretentious or patronising.


The menu draws upon highly skilled workmanship and quality local produce, and our findings revealed that much of the vocabulary around such dishes and processes was not well known by our audience.

So as we developed a social content strategy, we carefully constructed a warm and open dialog designed to help people to embrace and understand the concepts, dishes and terms, to mitigate any sense of the brand coming across as patronising or pretentious.

The stronger the audience's understanding, the more Baker et Chef was establishing itself as a space for unique food experiences.

Design Thinking brings important opportunities.

In a world where brands are exposed to great scrutiny on all fronts, those that differentiate themselves on the basis of (a) being open, (b) true to their word and (c) willing to consider their role in their customers' world - may find themselves able to create promising new opportunities and partnerships previously unexplored.

Design Thinking offers an effective way for brands to explore new ways of thinking and seeking out customer insights.


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Our Values

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You are our community. We stive to make a real difference in your growth.

Making things work

We care about results, as that is where the value of our work rests.

Simplify concepts

We bring clarity to help you understand how we are addressing your present challenges.

Direct line to senior consultants

Senior brand communicators work directly with you on your solutions firsthand.

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No project is too complex, no detail too small.

Starting with interviewing clients, setting goals and timelines, we plan ahead to make sure that even the most complex projects go flawlessly, from the very beginning to the last final touches put to the final product.

In cases where the action plan calls on a wider scope, Lumo Lab can draw on its connections to recommend from a wide pool of expert consultants. With our existing understanding of their strengths we identify consultants who closely align to the needs of your action plan.


Reshaping perceptions

audit & Action
Lumo Lab helps address barriers to customer engagement, u specific business levers to enhance customer perceptions.

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