Brand Proposition Basics

Why build a Brand Proposition before Advertising?

A Guardian study found that brands focused on developing a clear and meaningful brand proposition rose 76% in value growth over the last 10 years, even when they didn’t advertise.


A brand proposition is a collection of statements that:

(a) define the identity of a brand and what it values most,

(b) capture how a user benefits from your brand in a uniquely practical way,

(c) express these in the most concise and relatable form possible.

For example, Apple's brand proposition is its commitment to make technological innovation accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds - as lifestyle innovation through simplicity.

This permeates its entire approach, with integrated software-hardware concepts that are shaped intuitively around usability.

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What is Branding then?

The most successful brands combine a strong proposition with creative communication. This combination is known as Branding.

It is active and intentional communication led by a strategy.

Creative communication is the verbal and visual expression developed to connect with a specific audience.

The process of branding begins with the analysis and formulation of insights, followed by a clear strategy, a specific tone, and a defined set of messages, which are then built into the expression of a brand.


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Starting with interviewing clients, setting goals and timelines, we plan ahead to make sure that even the most complex projects go flawlessly, from the very beginning to the last final touches put to the final product.

In cases where the action plan calls on a wider scope, Lumo Lab can draw on its connections to recommend from a wide pool of expert consultants. With our existing understanding of their strengths we identify consultants who closely align to the needs of your action plan.


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