A Brand Identity weaves all elements of your business and product into a story that customers can believe and actively see themselves in.
Au Organics


certified Organic Skin Care

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Brand Overview
AU Organics championed a group of Australian certified-organic skincare microbrands to a primarily Asian audience.

The brand's strategy was to reach mostly Asian markets overseas and be specifically oriented to Asian females. Our Design Thinking process revealed insights that Asian women greatly prioritise complex and holistic skin care rituals, respond well to omnichannel marketing, and see high quality consumer products from Australian as highly trustworthy.  (source: Nielsen Research and McKinsey)
Sample projectSample projectSample project
Scope Of Work
The brand's storytelling uses a dynamic play on complexity and minimalism to reach ideas of purity, freshness and science-led research.

Our strategy was to foster an immediate, emotional connection with the brand and the product range.

We spacious impression of the off-white tones and large rounded shapes, balances with layered complexity built upon the intersecting visual elements of the frame, botanicals, and the 'peal and reveal' motif.

The peal and reveal motif gives the brand a tactile, playful, welcoming persona, while the minimalist logomark was developed with gentle organic curves and thin lines that symbolise the stalks of young seeding.


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