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By strengthening audience-brand interactions, branding facilitates a powerful, lasting connection with customers.
Baker et Chef
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Brand Overview
Our goal in creating the brand story for Baker et Chef was to position it as a hub of craftsmanship, bold ideas, and passionate individuals.
To achieve this, we crafted thoughtful statements, captured refined photography, and designed a minimalist visual aesthetic. We also fostered an ongoing relationship with audiences through compelling social and web content, building a strong, engaged community around the brand.
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By adopting a candid, conversational tone and engaging in genuine dialogue, Lumo Lab established a deep and lasting trust between Baker et Chef and its audience.


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Sample project
Baker et Chef's branding was meticulously crafted, with attention given to every aspect of the process, including the design language, photography, menu, and website.
Additionally, Lumo Lab also consulted on Interior and Exterior cafe appearance to align with the overall strategy.