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Brand Overview
Aligning with the unique psychology of your customer is key to future-proofing your brand.

Bloom & Grow enables children to develop a growth mindset via its unique high level learning programs, delivered across a term calendar. The team works closely with each student to sustainably build on their learning one step at a time.

The programs utilise delight, curiosity and communication to drive academic growth, and have been successful in preparing children for the higher-level GATE (Australian government Gifted and Talented Extra-curricular) pathway.
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Scope Of Work
One of the most effective ways for a child to learn is to access their natural sense of wonder and curiosity.

Early on, the client related their findings that children can be exhausted by the relentless pace of the classroom and testing, and that competing priorities can make it hard to have children engage in their own learning journey.

Our Design Thinking research revealed that the highest performing learning programs offer dynamic learning experiences, give children a greater degree of autonomy and ownership over their own learning journey, do not relentlessly pursue test results, and instead focus on reshaping the learners mindset.
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These early ideas folded into our Bloom & Grow strategy, and we hit on the idea that learning should be engaging, fun, wild, rewarding.

The client went on to further develop their programs, while we focused on the branding building process.
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Key Visual
Our key visual concept materialised as a child's study desk with an airliner window in mid-flight.

The vibrant, bold intrigue of this image demonstrates a natural affinity with the spirit of the young person. It serves to symbolise the wider world of opportunities available to young people through their own co-commitment to the process.

Vibrant colours and the realism of 3D forms help build the idea of the realisation if a young persons’ aspirations.

The second element of the strategy was to demonstrate to Parents, the long term value of these programs, and how they can also build healthier outlooks and attitudes towards education both in children and families as a whole.

Developing the key visual to connect well with children and also parents as one singular idea was key to promoting this a healthy and grounded outlook on learning.