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When built thoughtfully, a brand story enables you to speak with a natural and engaging tone.
La Lumiere
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Brand Overview
La Lumiere developed its body cleansing range from premium Australian botanicals, intended for local and global audiences.
The botanicals within La Lumiere's range produce a natural, subtle and elevated aroma that takes users to a place of calmness and revitalisation. The formulations are designed to support sensitive skin, and promote an additive-free approach to body cleansing and care.

Our strategy was co-developed with the client to engage an audience looking for an authentic, local take on a premium cleansing experience, built on a careful formulation, that doesnt come with a high price tag.
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Scope Of Work
The brand's strategy was to uphold a unique sense of mindfulness and natural, unhurried beauty.

To capture this concept, we turned an old-growth tree’s ring pattern into a brush-stroke motif. Meanwhile, we selected abd crafted imagery, earthy colours and textures to integrate into the design language. This brought a sense of freshness and authenticity to the brand‘s product vision.


The outcome of the campaign measured in numbers.

24.4 %

Sales growth


Views on YouTube

3.4 pp

Market share increase

2.23 M

Social media reach

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