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A carefully crafted brand story allows you to speak with an authentic and captivating voice.
La Lumiere
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Branding and assets

La Lumiere's brand strategy is rooted in a commitment to mindfulness and natural, unhurried beauty. To capture this essence, we created a brush-stroke motif inspired by the ring pattern of an old-growth tree.
We also carefully curated imagery, colors, and textures that evoke a sense of freshness and authenticity. The result is a design language that reflects the uniqueness and compelling nature of La Lumiere's product vision.

La Lumiere's body cleansing range is designed to provide an authentic, premium experience using the highest-quality Australian botanicals. With careful formulations that support sensitive skin and promote natural, additive-free body care, the products are a testament to its commitment to quality and authenticity.

Scope Of Work
We co-developed the strategy with the goal of engaging an audience looking for an elevated, unique body care experience that reflects our local roots and a passion for high-quality ingredients.

La Lumiere champions an authentic body care experience that is both locally sourced and globally recognized.

The outcome of the campaign measured in numbers.

24.4 %

Sales growth


Views on YouTube

3.4 pp

Market share increase

2.23 M

Social media reach

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