Micromine's global event brings the industry together to discuss larger perspectives and showcase major product updates.


industrial software

Sample project
Our COntribution
In 2022, we developed event branding and assets for the event - strengthening its visibility in the global mining calendar.
The project brought together user interface, 3D elements and integration into an event platform. For an overview of our other work with Micromine, please see this case study.
Sample project
Scope Of Work
Lumo Lab supported the event with visual branding, a website and promotional activities via Linkedin and EDM platforms.

Lumo Lab worked with sensitivity to the existing branding, while leveraging our capabilities in 3DCG to strengthen user engagement and create stronger distinction for the event.

Sample project
Nexus Launch Video
In launching the new product range, Lumo Lab collaborated with the team at Micromine to develop a Linkedin video.
The Micromine team was receptive to our suggested use of 3DCG where we felt engagement would benefit. We pushed forward with the implementation early into the process, which led to further 3DCG being developed for the product range to lend greater distinction to the brand.