Design / Branding

La Lumiere develops personal care products using Australian-sourced botanicals. The range is ideal for babies, pets and gentle on sensitive skin, being free of parabens, artificial perfumes and preservatives.

PURITY & Freshness / Clarity & Rejuvenation / Australian Botanicals


BHP’s largest iron ore project was a team that it intended to be unified and innovative, and a campaign was developed to spearhead its initiatives around developing that internal culture. A visual concept was developed for the campaign, through which photography and video production teams were commissioned.

collaboration & Innovation / Unified & supportive team culture


Baker et Chef is a bakery-cafe-dining concept co-founded by baker Ailin Gay and chef Han Chen Koon. It dedicated to inventing its own unique dishes, and french inspired pastries and cakes along with its in-house bakery which serves some of the best hand made breads in the city.

Invention & Mastery / quality produce


TCL commissioned PPR to develop a series of Melbourne Victory partnership campaigns intended to enhance its presence in Australia. A suite of digital advertising, social/web content, point-of-sale and competition activation collateral were developed.

energy & movement / action


Huawei commissioned PPR and BCW to stage a media-only event for the Huawei Mate20 phone series launch in Australia. To showcase the phone’s technological advancements, Digital invites, Posters and Decals were developed around the existing tag line “A higher intelligence has arrived.”

Intrigue & Sophistication / technology & Photography


Colgate-Palmolive commissioned PPR to work on its social content and industry engagement initiatives. We produced photography, stop motion animations, short video clips and infographics for both dental care and personal care brands.

household & Family / health & HYGIENE


AU Organics is an houses uniquely Australian organic skincare micro-brands committed to developing purely certified-organic skincare. Intended for a mainly Chinese audience, the brand helps to translate the benefits, processes and certification for a Chinese audience that might otherwise miss key features of the products.

Organic / Trust / Purity & health


BAE Systems was assisted by PPR to develop a content marketing strategy, in its bid to win a contract to design the Australian Government’s newest naval wars very broad audience. The Art Direction supports the unique editorial piece around the project’s national relevancy, BAE Systems global partnerships, and its strategic and political insight.

Technical & Strategic Leadership / Integrity / Insight


Cooling Brothers provides architectural glass solutions to architects and developers on a national scale. Working with the sales/marketing managers, we used intuitive design to help differentiate product categories, and simplify the process of specifying of glass products for use.

I was also involved in producing large format, glass artworks in collaboration with (or as a service to) artists, producing printed glass designs for the state transport authority, and property developers.

Leadership / dependability / architect - minded


Xplus is a fintech consultancy helping advisers to utilise software platforms to their full potential.

technology / Trust / relatable


VCI commissioned PPR to design its research dossiers over a number of years. We worked closely with VCI to give their reports clarity and establish a visual tone that communicates leadership and insight.

global research / consultation / leadership