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La Lumiere is an upcoming brand that produces hand made soaps made from high quality, Australian-sourced botanicals. The range is designed to be ideal for babies, pets and gentle on sensitive skin, being free of parabens, artificial perfumes and preservatives.

We therefore developed a brand language that:


captures the brands commitment towards skincare that properly nourishes and protect all skin-types

QUALITY Australian botanicals

highlights the use of high-quality Australian source materials

Calmness & Rejuvenation

expresses a sense of calmness, space and rejuvenation that we associate bathing


carries a touch of sophistication that positions the brand for markets within Asia.


Baker et Chef is a bakery-cafe-dining concept newly co-founded by passionate master French baker/pastry chef Ailin Gay and experienced local chef Han Chen Koon. Internationally, we are witnessing a surging interest in more unique culinary experiences, and its an industry that has seen surprising growth, in a time where many other sectors are experiencing contraction. As such, key brand messaging was developed to draw in this growing audience of food lovers.

The brand language, photography and social media content we developed to:

INVENTION / technical mastery

build intrigue around the the technical mastery behind the bread, cakes and dishes on offer


champion high-quality local produce and providores

engage via education

engage the audience by sharing insights into the creative and preparation process


PPR assisted Burson Cohn-Wolfe with launch of the 2018 smartphone launch of the Huawei Mate20 Series in Australia. For the invite only media briefing event, we produced materials to create excitement around the phone and its technological advancements. Posters and activation decals were developed and tailored to the existing tag line “A higher intelligence has arrived” which plays off the advanced artificial intelligence and photography technology within the phone.


PPR provided Colgate-Palmolive brands with content creative in for social channels and industry engagement initiatives. We produced photography, animation, and short video clips for use in its social media channels, and infographics for its collaborative work across an international network of dental health partners and associations.

Initiatives such as the World Cavity Free Future Day initiative (poster and video shown above), communicates the importance of managing dental health within our families.


AU Organics is an online platform that features skincare produced by startups and small business around Australia solely committed to developing purely certified-organic skincare to a specifically Mainland Chinese audience.

We developed a brand language that:


captures the clinical development behind certified-organic products


embodies the growing desire for high-quality products that are truly effective and healthy for the skin.


British multinational defence, security, and aerospace company BAE Systems commissioned PPR to develop an Australian Financial Review magazine insert to strengthen a campaign to win the contract to design and build the Australian Government’s next naval warships.

We balanced the brands existing messaging, with the goals of the programme, to build a unique editorial piece that:

Educates & Informs

provides a platform for independent defence experts to help the public understanding he reasoning behind the development of these warships

Technical and strategic leadership

demonstrates BAE Systems deep understanding of economic and social stability in the region, and how its technical and strategic expertise fits into this

The design language therefore:


places great emphasis on readability due to its exposure to a very wide demographic, and

Insight, Integrity & Trust

expresses notions of intelligence, insight and trust to strengthen the brand messaging in subtle ways.


Architectural glass company Cooling Brothers provides commercial glass solutions on a national scale. It serves an Australian-wide audience of architects and commercial developers, providing expertise and a unique product offering. The visual language and brand messaging, aimed at bridging the gaps between architects, develops and suppliers by making the consideration and final specifying of glass products simple and easier to understand.

As such our brochures used imagery and diagrams to make these distinctions clear, while also establishing the brand as a trusted leader in the field. Visually all brand elements across creative and digital reinforced Cooling Brothers as:

(A) an innovation leader,

(B) a reliable/trusted partner and

(C) an architecturally-minded/design-minded glass supplier.

I was also involved in producing large format, glass artworks to service or collaboration with commissioned artists, producing work for the State transport authority, government departments and private developers.


Xplus is a consultancy operating in the field of Financial Planning and Wealth Management, that empowers advisers and practices to leverage software platforms to their full potential. With an audience of advisers and practices in the field of finance the brand’s tone expresses technological expertise, personal service, while imagery focuses on growth, customer needs and efficiency.


UNLTD Solar was a highly respected solar brand with a large residential customer base, major corporate projects to its name, and an active industry participant. With both corporate and consumer audiences, activities and content were tailored to reach and engage each. Our goal was to reinforce the brand at every touchpoint as relatable, trustworthy and insightful.


VCI research dossier on the latest developments within Australia’s primary industries, explores blockchain innovations, shifts within energy landscape, and technology developments the agricultural sector among many wide ranging insights.

Interviews that VCI conducts with C-level executives across the nation provide further insights in the the possibilities and issues faced by organisation and sectors as we look forward the decade ahead.

We worked closely with VCI to give the content clarity and establish a visual tone that communicates leadership and insight.


In 2016, VCI developed the worlds most comprehensive report into the global mining industry, revealing deep insights into global and regional innovation in the Mining industry, while compiling data gained from individual interviews conducted with an exhaustive list of global mining executives.

We worked closely with VCI to develop the art direction, exploring ways to segment information elegantly while placing great emphasis on maximising the report’s readability.


Spookfish is an Australian-based international innovator in aerial imaging, delivering detailed imagery and imaging tools through its bespoke digital platform. With a pre-established logo, PPR developed Spookfish’s brand language to further strengthen its communication goals.

The brand messaging:

technical leadership

conveys its innovation in the area of aerial imaging, and it’s future ambitions in the sector.

value and ease of use

visually compliments its well-designed suite of tools, made to look simple, while at the same time being packed with practical features.