Rebranding an established business can win over new audiences.

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Mi Integrated
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Brand Overview
Mi Integrated provides commercial cleaning and hygiene management for a wide spectrum of organisations across Western Australia.
Prior to the new name and branding, the business had a healthy business model but heavily subject to SEO. However, its minimal branding, meant that it lacked brand recognition and visibility, thus leaving it exposed to the whims of the search engine, limiting its ability to capture new audiences and also making it difficult to build brand loyalty.
Sample projectSample projectSample project

The outcome of the campaign measured in numbers.


Website visitors per month


Facebook followers


IG impressions per month


Instagram followers

Scope Of Work
Brand positioning and proposition was deeply examined to determine the necessary steps for the business to expand across Australia.
Through consultation with the client and sector research, Lumo Lab developed identified a name that would take the legacy of brand and invigorate it with energy.

We developed a brand story and proposition that carves a unique corner in the marketplace, while lifting all messaging to a higher level of refinement - in line with corporate expertise of the business.