Lumo Lab refines the outward expression of your brand, to create a unique space between you and your customer.

Through branding, we build customer trust, providing form and structure to how you connect and engage externally.


Cafe & Bakery


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Cafe & Bakery


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cleansing and Body Care


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mining software


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cleansing and body care


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corporate cleaning


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Corporate Cleaning


We work beside you to win and retain customers, enabling your brand to speak and engage meaningfully.

We have three key approaches:

Develop your brand's visual language around purpose rather than outcomes.


We don't simply pursue visibility and numbers as a means to an end, but instead look for sustainable growth through the deeper, underlying impact a brand can have with customers.

While brand assets have an impact on reach and visibility, we're most interested in what resonates - and is meaningful to your customer on a human level.

A brand's visual language, expressive qualities - along with how your values, mindset and ideals feed into your every step - these should be fertile ground for building strong connection with customers across time.

Articulate your brand with depth, nuance and poise.


Expression and storytelling are our tools for connecting with audiences intuitively. Storytelling isn't just for young people - All people intrinsically read life as a narrative.

Just like that time someone took you somewhere to experience your first pizza/espresso/frappe, or that book you lost half your eyesight on. Moments and stories are the lens through which we experience life, and almost everything in this life was created, built and refined by the ingenuity of someone or some people.

A brand is literally that ingenuity and passion of a group of people distilled into an idea.
We call it storytelling because it breathes life into a brand - and builds a richer, more nuanced concept of what it stands for.

See Storytelling Basics

Understand the nuances of Friction vs. Flow on brand assets.


Our simple but nuanced formula of friction vs flow helps clients understand how they can best connect with audiences on any platform.

Friction vs Flow is incorporated into everything we do, and helps us to gently guide our clients to a better understanding how the very specific application of design elevates user engagement and strengthens content pacing wherever people encounter your brand.

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Our offering

Icon strategy and marketing
Brand Identity, Art Direction and Messaging
Icon execution and production
Copywriting, Copy Editing and Social Content
Icon brand identity
Brand Photography and 3D Visuals
Icon product design
Website Design, Build and SEO Optimisation

What clients have said

Testimonial David Miller
Management Consulting
"Trevor set a high design standard for our global reports, helping us to improve our standing among clients and elevate our business to the next level."
Testimonial Jennifer Williams
Baker et Chef
Concept Bakery Cafe
"Trevor’s unique approach is in how he relates to his clients and projects as family. He served an integral role in our branding, design and social media.."
Our Values

Driven to deliver

Care and service

You are our community. We stive to make a real difference in your growth.

Making things work

We care about results, as that is where the value of our work rests.

Simplify concepts

We bring clarity to help you understand how we are addressing your present challenges.

Direct line to senior consultants

Senior brand communicators work directly with you on your solutions firsthand.

Sample project

To discuss your brand, reach out on +61 426 245 714 or leave me a message, and I'll get back to you shortly.