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Crafting brands that resonate with audiences

Branding refers to how a brand communicates with audiences. It’s a highly effective tool for engaging and bonding with audiences.

Business leaders give so much of their lives in order to make their endeavours a success. Sometimes that success is never reached, despite the heavy sacrifices. I’ve seen businesses that were run by passionate, hard-working, honest people, that sadly failed because either the business location didn’t provide the audience they needed, or they hadn’t properly utilised branding to reach audiences.

To see a business fall in such a way is heartbreaking, and my mission is to stop that from happening, and to help brands to reach new heights.

Obviously the most important thing for business to do first is ensure that they are located in a place that gives them access to the right audience. But the second most important step is to reach out to your audience through the most effective means. This is what branding does.

Branding identifies platforms and opportunities where you can best reach your audience. We then craft a ’brand narrative’ that demonstrates the real story behind your brand and what you do.

That narrative, is a package of statements, thoughts, images, visual elements, in some cases audio and video elements - that work together powerfully to tell that story.

Branding has the power to turn a humdrum consumer product into a beloved, can’t-live-without-it, emotional experience.
- Fast Company

Seeking a better understanding? Visit the page below for a short overview of how brand strategy works.


Cultivating and articulating the brand

A strong brand narrative can employ visual imagery, music, text content, voice, graphic elements, video, platforms, and even people and spaces.

Energy needs to put towards identifying platforms and opportunities that are best suited to cultivating the brand’s growing audience.

It is my role to build a strategy that brings these elements together to create a winning formula for your brand.

For examples of brand narratives and what they might look like in different industries, skim through my branding work in the link below.


Constructing meaning through photography

In branding, photographic storytelling is used to empower the brand narrative.

With proper planning, a series of images proper present a specific idea. A client of mine Baker et Chef while offering a cafe setting, couldn’t be any more different from its larger franchise brethren like Gloria Jeans and Dome. Instead its lead by the concept of invention, nimbly adapting to the seasons, and championing the work of culinary artists.

So the opening image we selected was one of craftspeople doing uniquely skilled work, because that differentiation is one of the key messages of this brand - to pull off technical and creative feats with food.

It’s my role here to help you identify what needs to be articulated through photography. And because I understand photography at a professional level, I am well equipped to advise you through this process, and procure photographers where required.

For an overview of my own photographic work, skim through the links below.


Explorations in visual media

Experimental work in motion graphics and 3D visualisation.


Getting in touch

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