frameworks for branding

Why do brands need a messaging framework?

Imagine if Martin Luther King Jr. had simply marched down the street for his people's rights without first crafting a powerful position and message. Would he have made a lasting impression?

His campaign truly resonated because his central idea was built on framework of his deepest convictions and a sense of justice long overdue.

Countless hours were spent behind the scenes listening, learning, reading, thinking and writing before he was able to distill his idea into an expression that cut right to the heart.

Much like the statement in the film Arrival:
'In war, there are no winners, only widows.'

The framework enabled him to then channel this energy towards activities that were both practical, creative and connected with millions of people within a very short span of time in the context of human history.

As brands, we are also communicating with peoples as individuals and groups..

Lumo Lab helps a brand's to express their proposition and idea for stronger impact with a greater proportion of the kind of people your brand needs to speak to.

A 2018 report by Forrester Research, titled "The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM’s Design Thinking Practice," found that teams using design thinking principles could achieve up to a 301% return on investment (ROI). This highlights the potential of incorporating design methodologies in creating more effective and engaging branding strategies.

As a more nuanced understanding of your brand takes shape, Lumo Lab shapes the words, tone, images, sound, touch, and movement that create a dynamic space for people to immediately connect with your brand.

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We bring clarity to help you understand how we are addressing your present challenges.

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No project is too complex, no detail too small.

Starting with interviewing clients, setting goals and timelines, we plan ahead to make sure that even the most complex projects go flawlessly, from the very beginning to the last final touches put to the final product.

In cases where the action plan calls on a wider scope, Lumo Lab can draw on its connections to recommend from a wide pool of expert consultants. With our existing understanding of their strengths we identify consultants who closely align to the needs of your action plan.


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Lumo Lab helps address barriers to customer engagement, u specific business levers to enhance customer perceptions.

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